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DNA test sets for men

Turn others’ loss into your own win!
We have various test sets that help both adults and children. Undergo the test and find out which sport is going to make your child a leader, and which one turns him or her into an outsider. Our genes cannot be changed, but there are a lot of sports to choose from.
For those who think global
Milk and flour products can be destructive for us, and calcium may not be digested at all. Our tests will reveal the specifics of calcium, lactose and gluten absorption, and tell you what is harmful and what is healthy to you. You will also receive a list of products necessary to you in case you have any pathologies.
A simple solution for a challenging problem
Our tests will show you the peculiarities of your body's genetics. This knowledge, as well as clear guidance and the implementation of recommendations will help you avoid heart and brain attacks, thrombosis, osteoporosis, diabetes, and oncology even in the worst hereditary conditions.
We can deal with anything
People who are interested in their family and form family trees have always been eager to look back into the ages and find out where they come from and who their family were. Previously, only celebrities of sport, politics and show business could afford it. Now such kind of a research is available to everyone.
Moving ahead of time
For beautiful ladies! Genetic tests for skin cosmetic properties will help you to take care of yourself correctly. We also recommend you to pass a metabolic test as your diet affects all your organs, and your skin is not an exception either.
We bet they’ll envy you!
In order not to lose weight and hurt yourself, try not to starve yourself or do sports until you drop. Instead you should understand which of your habits are genetically harmful to you, and which are totally necessary. The best way to lose weight is to turn to the science.
Impossible comes to life
DNA chipping means recommendations on a lifestyle and physical activity. You will learn about the peculiarities of metabolic process, the absorption of vitamins, minerals and potential allergens as well as locations of your ancestry dwelling and all nationalities in your kinship.

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Heart attack risk

Brain attack risk


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In middle age it is necessary to control your cardiovascular system. Consumption of foods with high fat, sugar and salt content, smoking and alcohol drinking,
and lack of physical activity cause blood vessel disease, which is usually asymptomatic. For most people, a heart or brain attack itself may be the first warning for disease development. Our genetic test for men helps to examine the predisposition to the disorders of lipid metabolism, thrombus formation and blood pressure regulation associated with physiological processes involved in the development of cardiovascular disease. The result of the test includes individual recommendations for health assessment, nutrition and exercise.

Heart attack risk

Brain attack risk

Food for your health

Colorectal cancer

Heart health risk

Healthy nutrition

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Standard set for meddle-year men will help to identify your body's weaknesses and prevent the development of disease.
We get a random set of genes from parents. Modern science is able to interpret some part of the human genome and give practical advice to avoid disease. The result in the form of a booklet will be delivered to you by courier service working around Russia.

Heart attack risk

Brain attack risk


Vascular occlusion risk

Food dangerous for you

Life guidance

Diabetes development risk

Recommendations by a geneticist

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At some point we understand that we are not teenagers anymore, and it is time we should exercise regularly and take care of our bodies.
Everyone has his own limits and possibilities. Knowing your own genetics and understanding the DNA test reading, you will be able to schedule your training, nutrition and life in such a way that your life quality will increase, and you will not have to face a disease. By refusing high glycemic index food, breaking off bad habits and exercising, you raise your standards of living to a different level.
DNA test for men
How to take a sample

DNA test for men

The most active period in men's lives starts when the body is fully formed; it is about 24 years on average. During this period, a man is most active. It is connected with regular job, irregular working hours and increase in overall physical and intellectual activity. Since a man experiences a huge energy consumption, he should stick to healthy nutrition. Not only nutritive qualities of food products, caloric value and set of vitamins and minerals should be taken into account but also the fact that not all products are healthy for you, and it is connected with individual genetic peculiarities to digest certain products.

Our test was developed specifically for men in active age. It will help you understand what products are most healthy for you, and what should be excluded from your diet completely as it causes only harm to your body. For example, even milk and flour-based products are not absorbed by everyone leading to stomach pain and disorders as well metabolic disorders, in case you have problems with lactose or gluten absorption. If you are in your active age it is often necessary to do sports or fitness to remain fit, but before choosing a kind of exercise you should make sure that you are not predisposed to a heart of brain attack.

Our DNA test helps to understand if a person under test has a predisposition to a heart or brain attack, and to organize life properly in order to maintain its quality. A complete set of DNA tests for active men also includes testing for diabetes predisposition. It is active age that Type 1 diabetes can develop in due to poor diet, lack of exercise, unhealthy habits and poor genetics. Our genetic test set for predisposition to diabetes will help to understand if you are predisposed to the disease and to what extent, and how to reduce the likelihood of such a terrible disease as diabetes.

You will receive the results of the test and our recommendations in the form of a finely designed booklet, so that it is pleasant to have it in your hands and to change your life for the better with pleasure. We value our customers!