Analiznadom - ДНК анализы в любой точке мира


About our laboratory

Our laboratory is located in 9 Mendeleeva street, Ufa, at the building of the Institute of Gene and Tissue Engineering. Our key specialization is working with human biomaterials - mostly blood, saliva, sperm, urine or faeces. Above professional physicians, our personnel includes geneticists, cytologists and molecular biologists. DNA extraction is carried out by means of state-of-art technologies. DNA providers pass all examination stages anonymously. The process is controlled by an automated record-keeping system. The result is automatically sent via e-mail, and if necessary, we can deliver the original test findings at your home.

Comparison of DNA data with databases is carried out by experienced geneticists. You will receive a detailed and clearly stated result. Recommendations will help you improve your life quality as you will understand the pros and cons of your hereditary background.

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A.V. Scherbakov